How To Become a Teacher

The process of becoming a teacher is not as easy as you might think. A lot of people know the expression that if you can’t do, teach, but you can’t just get right into teaching when you flame out of another career. The process of how to become a teacher might require you going back to school to get a degree in teaching and almost always requires you passing a Praxis test or some other equivalent as well as earning a teaching license. It is much easier to be a tutor if you are trying to make some extra money, so don’t expect that you can get into teaching kids to save money. That is just not a realistic situation. Instead, you need to decide if teaching is really a career that is right for you. Not everyone makes a great teacher, so you really have to be sure that this is your passion. The pay is going to make you regret the career if you are not satisfied enough by the fact that you are helping the next generation. For many, that intrinsic value to teaching is enough.

If you want to become a teacher, you have to at least start by getting a bachelor’s degree. That does not necessarily mean that you need to get a degree in education, but you might need to have that degree be in a content area related to high school education if you are going to teach at a high school. If you have a degree in glass blowing, you might need to go back to school to teach high school. After that, you are going to have to get classroom experience before you become a teacher. That might seem a bit paradoxical, but the way that you can get that experience is by student teaching during your bachelor’s degree or in a post-degree internship. You will likely need a certain minimum number of hours of supervised experience before you get a license. In almost every state, you are required to get a license to teach.

Teaching sounds like an easy way to pass along the skills that you have learned, but there are a lot of steps that go into becoming a teacher. You might even have to continue taking classes to stay ahead in professional development. The process of teaching does not mean that your process of learning is over, so make sure that this is your calling through experience before you commit.