Hi There! I'm David Craig


I have been a teacher for the past 15 years and it has been the most fulfilling career of my life. I wake up every day excited for the challenges and surprises ahead of me, which is something that I cherish because not a lot of people are able to say the same thing. In fact, there was a long stretch of my life where I was one of those people jealous of the lives of their friends because I felt like I was not able to hang on a teacher’s salary.

We teachers are not paid as well as we should be. That is just a fact of the job. As much as we know that we need teachers, there are no market forces driving up teacher salaries, so we are forced to make do with what we are given. To that I say, we are worth more. But instead of deciding to get a second job that drains your energy just to afford a shred of a vacation, there are ways that you can save and live a life of fun and adventure.

I started this blog because I was sick of people looking at my life on Instagram and telling me how jealous they were. Well, that is not entirely true. I still enjoy it. I just know that they could have the same fun that I am having. I want to pass along my experience because maybe I can help you turn your jealousy into the same fun that I have, maybe even more.

Join me as I explore different ways to explore the joys of life, all while making sure that you can still focus the right amounts of time on teaching the next generation.